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Tips to Stay Safe during Fire Damage: SERVPRO of Williamson County

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO green Disaster Recovery truck trailer parked outside of a property restoration project with four workers around it. No matter how serious your property damage may be, SERVPRO of Williamson County is your local expert for restoring your home or business.

It's that time of year again - fire season in Williamson County, TN, and surrounding areas. Between February and May, the weather gets hotter and drier, while the risk of house fires rises. A fire may start from a variety of sources, ranging from a faulty wire to an overloaded outlet to a kitchen mishap to a bonfire left unattended. It's critical to know how to react quickly and effectively if your home catches fire.

Here's What You Need To Know If A Fire Starts: 

The first line of defense against a house fire is to know how to use the proper fire extinguisher for the situation. This simple procedure can help save lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. If the fire spreads uncontrollably, evacuate immediately and stay away, then call 9-1-1. Leave all of your belongings where they are and save yourself and your loved ones.

If your clothing ignites, remember the old adage: Stop, Drop, and Roll.

It's critical to utilize the stairs if you live in a building with elevators in case of a fire. The elevator electrical system may be damaged by a fire, causing the shaft to operate like a chimney and rapidly fill up with deadly fumes.

Doors may be used to your advantage in a fire, potentially saving your life. If the doorknob or handle is hot, don't open it. If you can't exit through the primary route, look for another option. Do not open any doors that are warm to the touch.

Close any doors that might obstruct your exits, lay a wet towel beneath the doors, and call the fire department or 9-1-1 if flames, heat, or fire block your avenues of escape. Tell them exactly where you are so they can find you.

If you're near a window that you can't use as an escape, open it and wave a brightly colored cloth or use your phone flashlight to signal for help.

What To Do After a Fire

After a fire, it is important to contact a professional fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Williamson County. We have the training, experience, and equipment to properly restore your home - "Like it never even happened."

If you try to clean up the fire damage yourself, you could end up making the situation worse both in your home and with your insurance company's process.

Trust the experts, and call today!

Keep Your Home Safe With Flameless Candles

2/5/2022 (Permalink)

Battery powered candle Battery-operated candles can flicker and glow just like a real candle.

Candle Alternatives

Everyone loves the charm and ambiance of a flickering candle and the comfort of the scents that come from lighting one. But your home in Arrington, TN, is a place of safety and a respite from the hardships of the world, so keeping it safe from candle fire is an important safeguard. Candle alternatives can bring just as much satisfaction and enjoyment.

A real, burning candle is perfectly appropriate for setting the mood at dinner, but should be extinguished immediately upon leaving the table. Wax burns quickly and is a perfect fuel for a fire, so care must be taken. If using candles anywhere else, always make sure the candle is on a firm surface and surrounded by a non-flammable enclosure such as glass, and never leave it unattended while burning or allow children to play near them. Open flame is a fire hazard so try flameless options in your home.

Safe Candle Alternatives

Here are some ideas for options that can help your home and family safer while providing a glowing touch to your home’s atmosphere.

  1. Candle warming lamps
  2. Flame-free luminaries
  3.  Wax melting pots
  4. Battery operated candles or tea lights

What Each Option Offers

Battery-operated candles can flicker and glow just like a real candle and can even be set on timers and used with remotes, but will not give you the scent. Wax melting pots can disperse a scent as they melt smaller cubes or discs of wax in the melting chamber but do not provide any light. Flameless luminaries use a small bulb and appear more like the light of a tea light, also releasing aromas into the air. Candle warming lamps provide a soft glow and release your favorite scent. They utilize real jar candles and can be used multiple times – usually more than burning the same candle with a flame.

A candle fire can still happen and if it does a professional restoration service in Arrington, TN, can help clean up the waxy residue and smell that permeates the house as well as salvage your belongings. Using candle alternatives can help ensure you don’t have to deal with such a disaster in your home.

How to Remove Dryer Lint From the Exhaust

12/31/2021 (Permalink)

Vacuum cleaning a flexible aluminum dryer vent hose, to remove lint and prevent fire hazard. You can use a vacuum to pick up the debris and lint.

Lint can build up in several areas in and around your clothes dryer. A lint fire can quickly spread and cause severe fire damage. To avoid a dryer fire in your home in Nolensville, TN there are some smart tips to follow.

Clean Out the Lint Filter With Every Use

Each time you plan to use your dryer, gently pull out the lint screen before turning on the dryer. Using your hand, remove the lint from the screen. If the screen still looks dirty or filmy after removing the lint, you should rinse it off with clear water in the sink.

Clean Out the Dryer Vents

Every six months, you should clean out the dryer vents to reduce the risk of a lint fire.

  • Unplug the dryer in the back.
  • Pull out the exhaust hose. You will first need to remove the clamp on the hose.
  • Empty lint from the hose using a soft brush or vacuum attachment.
  • Completely clean the wall vent with a cleaning kit that can be purchased from a home improvement or hardware store.
  • Reconnect the exhaust hose and tighten the hose clamp.
  • Clean lint from the vent on the outside of your house using a soft brush or hand vacuum.

Conduct a Deep Clean of the Dryer’s Interior
Once every six months, you should also clean the interior of your dryer.

After the dryer is unplugged, carefully pull the dryer away from the wall and then unscrew the back panel.
Clean the entire inside area. You can use a vacuum to pick up the debris and lint. Metal parts can be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth.
Make sure everything is back in place and secure the panel before you plug the dryer back in. Push the dryer back to the wall.

Following these smart tips will significantly reduce the risk of a lint fire in your home.

Over the Range Microwave Cleaning: How to Prevent Smells and Ensure Longevity

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

hand with plastic glove cleaning the inside of a microwave Keep your microwave clean to avoid odors.

Reduce the Risk of Odor

A microwave can produce a smoke smell when not properly cleaned and maintained. There are several ways to avoid the development of strange odors, but routine maintenance is key. Follow the suggestions below to reduce the risk of odor.

1. Replace the Charcoal Filter

Microwaves that vent to the inside depend on charcoal filters to prevent pollutants and other substances from dispersing into your home. Most manufacturers recommend replacing these filters once every six months. You can access the charcoal filter by removing the vent grill and proceeding with the steps provided by the manufacturer.

2. Clean the Grease Filter

The grease filter is another part of your appliance that may produce an odor, like a smoke smell, if not routinely cleaned. While a charcoal filter needs to be replaced every six months, a grease filter should be thoroughly cleaned once a month. Most manufacturers provide instructions for this, but if not, you can soak the filter in soapy water and gently brush away debris.

3. Scrub Down or Steam Clean

Another way to minimize odors is to clean the interior routinely. You can wash it down after every use, but cleaning it weekly or monthly, depending on your overall use, should suffice. Steam cleaning with vinegar and water is an excellent way to wash down the appliance because the vinegar mixture will help to loosen any residual food particles.

4. Follow Manufacturer Instructions

It is important to follow manufacturer instructions when cleaning and maintaining your appliances because failure to do so can void any warranties provided with the purchase. Additionally, the failure to maintain equipment properly can lead to property damage that may require a specialist from Brentwood, TN, to fix, and that damage may be costlier and more time-consuming than maintaining your appliance from the beginning.

If you do not maintain your appliance, you may end up with a smoke smell, but many of these odors can be avoided with routine maintenance. Replacing your charcoal filter every six months, cleaning your grease filter monthly, and steam cleaning your microwave’s interior weekly can ensure the longevity of your appliance.

Fire Safety: Choosing the Best Alarm for Your Home

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

Ionization smoke detector Ionization smoke alarms are more sensitive to smoke created by blazing fires.

Choosing the Best Home Security System

Fire safety is an important task for any homeowner. When it comes to choosing the right smoke alarm setup for your home in Leiper's Fork, TN, there are four main factors you should consider.

1. Number of Detectors

Fire restoration specialists have seen the damage that happens when a fire goes undetected too long. Most experts recommend that you have a smoke detector in every room as well as an extra in the hallway outside each bedroom.

2. Type of Detectors

There are three main types of smoke detectors, and each has its advantages.

• Ionization alarms are triggered when even the smallest smoke particle enters and disrupts the ionized current.
• Photoelectric alarms detect larger smoke particles when the particles alert the light sensor.
• A dual-sensor smoke alarm combines the detection powers of both the ionization and photoelectric alarms.

If your budget does not allow for all your alarms to be dual-sensor, a second option is using photoelectric alarms in areas where you need your detector to be less sensitive, such as the kitchen, and ionization alarms in areas where sensitivity is a plus.

3. Power Sources

Some alarms are powered by built-in wiring with backup batteries while others use battery power alone. If you have a battery-only system, you can install smart batteries, which give you the option of keeping tabs on your home and silencing false alarms when you are away.

4. Size and Maintenance

In a small home, you are probably able to hear a smoke detector go off no matter where you are. If you live in a large home, however, consider installing a system that connects all the detectors to go off simultaneously, giving you and your family a chance to escape before the fire draws near. Choose detectors that are easy to clean, test and silence.

Many factors should be considered when choosing smoke detectors. Making the right smoke alarm choices for your home in Leiper's Fork, TN is crucial for fire safety.

5 Usual Causes of Most House Fires

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

Burned kitchen, cabinet and ceiling covered with soot Being mindful of fire risks will save your home from extensive damage.

The 5 Most Common Causes Of House Fires

A fire can strike your home in Spring Hill, TN from many different sources. You can prevent a home fire from affecting your property by learning about these five common causes.

1. Appliance Fires

Most commonly, residential fires are caused by an appliance. These come are typically a kitchen fire spreading. These can also be from washing machines, dryers, fridges, air conditioning units or grills.

This type can be prevented by regular inspection and maintenance. If you ever feel any appliance is dangerously malfunctioning, it’s best to turn it off until you can confirm that it is safe.

2. Heating

As the second most common of residential fire causes, heating systems can quickly turn a nice warm flame into a blaze. When using a space heater, it should be kept away from anything flammable and never left unattended. Fireplaces are also dangerous if chimneys are not kept clean.

3. Candles

While candles may set a mood, your mood will sour if a home fire happens. Bedrooms are susceptible to candle fires since you may fall asleep while they burn, so you should put them out if you feel tired. Candles should be placed in a safe area clear of anything flammable while being always watched.

4. Electrical and Lighting Equipment

Electrical equipment offers an improved quality of life, but that does not come without risks. A damaged cord or faulty wiring can lead to a fire. Cords should be inspected before plugging anything in and occasionally checked afterwards.

5. Holiday Items

Temporary decorations in your home, such as a Christmas tree or scarecrow, should be kept away from flames or electrical components. When celebrating, fireworks are best used away from your home and grassy fields. Holidays are a time to be especially mindful of every fire hazard.

Being mindful of fire risks will save your home from extensive damage. If fire strikes, fire cleaning can be requested from a trained fire restoration crew. Most of the common sources of a home fire, luckily, are preventable with mindfulness.

How To Save Your Belongings From Smoke Damage

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen counter, plate with brownies, coffee maker, kitchen cabinets Check if any of your items have smoke damage.

The effects of a house fire can be terrible. Your first concern is the safety of your family members. You’re probably then worried about whether you’ll be able to salvage your home. You probably also have many belongings you hope to preserve. While some things might be a lost cause, with proper dry-cleaning and other methods, you can save some belongings, even if they were damaged by the smoke.

Inspect Your Home

The best thing to do for full-scale content cleaning after a fire in your Brentwood, TN, home is to contact professionals. A trusted company will send representatives to first inspect the affected area.

  • Inspect and test rooms the fire directly affected as well as adjacent rooms.
  • Check for smoke damage to the floor, walls and items.
  • Check for leftover soot.

Board and Tarp

In order to prevent any further damage, the professionals will board up windows and place large tarps over damaged portions of the roof or siding. The company representative may also discuss your options for content storage while the restoration process is underway. By boarding your home and putting tarps over vulnerable spots, you can avoid further damage.

Get rid of Smoke and Soot

It’s vital to remove this damage as soon as possible. The professionals have high-quality methods to not only clean and sanitize affected areas but also to remove the lingering smells smoke leaves behind.

Clean and Sanitize

Smoke can do extensive damage to all areas of your home. The professional company you choose will send technicians to use dry-cleaning and other proven cleaning and sanitizing agents to help ensure your home is as close to the state it was in before the fire occurred.

Dry-cleaning, sanitizing, and preservation are critical to this restoration process. When you have the pros on your side, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you will once again have a livable home.

Your Annual Furnace Maintenance Checklist

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it. Furnace maintenance.

Does Furnace Need Annual Maintenance?

Have you ever tried to turn your furnace on in the winter and felt a jolt of panic when it wouldn’t work properly? This type of situation can be both inconvenient and dangerous, depending on how cold the temperature is in Thompson Station, TN, when furnace problems strike. Malfunctioning furnaces can also pose a fire risk. If your furnace does catch on fire, you’ll need to hire fire cleaning and smoke cleaning professionals to repair the damage.

Fortunately, regular maintenance can prevent most unexpected furnace problems so you have heat when you need it the most. Here are a few of the top items that should be included in your annual furnace maintenance checklist.

1. Clean All Moving Parts

The moving parts in your furnace tend to stir up the air and collect dust over time. As dust collects, it can become a fire hazard and could require you to hire fire cleaning services. Keep moving parts operating efficiently by regularly cleaning the motor housing, all belts and pulleys, and the blower assembly. You’ll need to remove the front panel to access some of these parts.

2. Lubricate Oil Ports

Not all furnaces have oil ports, but if yours does, it should be lubricated every year. Simply apply two to three drops of non-detergent motor oil (10-weight) directly to each port. Be careful not to apply too much oil.

3. Inspect All Belts

If your furnace has a blower, it also has belts that can become worn out, frayed, or damaged over time. If you notice any wear and tear, replace the belts with new ones as needed.

4. Hire Professionals

Anytime you are uncomfortable maintaining your own furnace, you can hire professionals to do it for you. If you’ve already experienced some damage due to fire or smoke from your furnace, fire restoration experts can take care of your fire cleaning needs. They have the specialized tools and experience necessary to get the job done right.

4 Essential Things To Do After Smelling Natural Gas in Your Home

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

burned stove and kitchen cabinets Kitchen fire in Arrington, TN.

Four Things To Do After Smelling Natural Gas In Your Home

If you begin to smell an odor similar to rotten eggs or sulfur in your Arrington, TN, home, you may be experiencing a gas leak. This could lead to a fire or an explosion. In this event, it's vital that you take immediate action. So, here are four essential things to do after smelling natural gas in your home.

1. Avoid Electrical Charges
Any use of electricity should be avoided at all costs. If you do use something electrical, whatever amount of gas is present could spark and create an explosion. These are some things to avoid:

  • Lights
  • Appliances (dishwashers, clothes dryers, etc.)
  • Plugs

2. Look at the Stove
The last thing you want is to have a big scare over nothing. Therefore, it's important to take a look at your stove and make sure it's not on. If it is, you may not be in danger of a gas fire at all. However, you should still stay safe and ensure that everything's okay before returning to normal.

3. Create Ventilation
If you aren't in immediate danger of a gas explosion, take the time to create ventilation. You can do this by opening every door and window possible. However, you'll want to avoid turning on electrical fans. By creating ventilation, you may be able to get some of the gas out of your home.

4. Leave Your Home
As soon as you can, it's vital that you leave your home. This is hard but necessary. If the worst happens and a gas fire occurs, you'll want to be far away from it. Once you're at least across the street, you can call 9-1-1 and locate a fire restoration service.
Smelling gas in your home can be a daunting experience. Regrettably, you can't spend too much time gathering yourself. Assess the potential of a gas fire and get to safety as soon as possible. Even if this precaution is unnecessary, it's still worth taking.

How To Choose the Best Smoke Alarm for Your Home

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Smart smoke alarm on ceiling A smart smoke alarm may be the preferable choice for protecting your home

Which Type Of Alarm System Is Best For Your Home

Residential building codes require smoke alarms because they efficiently alert residents when smoke or fire is present. A smoke alarm is intended to warn you in time to put a small fire out or evacuate the house and call for help. Learn more about how these devices work to decide which type of alarm system is best for your home.

Newer Technologies
Recent generations of smoke alarms generally have smart technology. They are reported to be more convenient because they require less attention from the homeowner.
A smoke detector with smart capabilities generally works through a Wi-Fi network and offers several advantages:

  • Better protection: A smart smoke alarm notifies you on your phone if the alarm is triggered, so if you aren’t home, you still know to take action.
    No chirping: Smart alarms monitor sensors and battery strength and notify you when they need to be checked or replaced.
  • Smart-battery technology: Smart batteries can often be used in traditional alarms and are able to notify you of a problem even if you are not home.

The primary difference between newer alarm technologies and your older system is the commitment to regular maintenance. Smart alarms are more expensive, which users consider to be the primary disadvantage.

Conventional Alarms
If you have an older alarm, it probably requires some simple, regular maintenance to work properly. Schedule important maintenance practices on your calendar. If you have a 10-year lithium battery in your alarm, you have little to do in this area except replace the unit every 10 years. Regular batteries should be replaced every six months to be safe. Your local fire remediation expert can help educate your household about the risk of fire damage and evaluate the effectiveness of your current system.
If you don’t mind a simple maintenance schedule, a conventional alarm system may suffice. If you prefer a more worry-free product and can spend a little more, a smart smoke alarm may be the preferable choice for protecting your Brentwood, TN, home from a fire.

Trust a Mitigation Company for Faster Restoration

11/11/2020 (Permalink)

Company picture. SERVPRO team members Trust a company that can handle all types of damage and restore your property back to normal

Trust a Mitigation Company for Faster Restoration

A fire at your Spring Hill, TN, property can mean much more than dealing with fire damage. Along with the side effects of flames, such as soot and smoke damage, extinguishing the fire means a lot of extra water that could cause its own damage. Since getting back on track, working with a fire mitigation and water damage professional can make that happen faster.

One-Stop Service
Choosing a trusted certified company provides peace of mind that all forms of fire damage will be eliminated. The right company will have the proper certifications to handle not only the charred structure and belongings but also water issues and mold growth. To return your building back to “Like it never even happened,” the right one-stop-shop will provide the following:

  • Inspection and assessment of all damage
  • Temporary board-up services for compromised points of entry, such as a hole in the roof or broken window
  • Water extraction and drying using industrial equipment and advanced techniques
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing of restorable items and structural components, but on-site and off-site
  • Replace and restore damaged drywall, carpeting, as well as provide reconstruction when necessary

Smoother Claims
After a fire, the process can seem slow-going. Along with waiting for the insurance adjuster, the claims process itself can feel overwhelming. The right restoration company will have a solid relationship with insurance companies to help make the process goes smoothly. They will work closely with the insurer and the client to ensure every loss is managed, document and restored when possible. Every step of the process will be thoroughly documented and verified, providing you extra peace of mind that work is being done the right and best way.
When fire damage occurs, it can greatly affect a business’s bottom line. To get back to business as fast as possible, trust a company that can handle all types of damage and restore your property back to normal.

3 Tips for Preventing a Dryer Fire

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

Horizontal photo of female hand taking the lint out from dirty air filter of the dyer machine Keeping the lint screen clean is one of the easiest prevention steps you can take

How To Prevent a Dryer Fire

If you're worried about the possibility for a lint fire to occur in your Brentwood, TN, home then you may be wondering if there are any prevention steps you can take. Fortunately, many fire damage restoration service professionals have a few recommendations for how to prevent a dryer fire. Here are three of the most common.

1. Remove Lint from the Screen

Keeping the lint screen clean is one of the easiest prevention steps you can take. Pull out the screen and remove the collected lint after each use. If the screen seems extra dirty you can rinse it off with water and let it air dry before replacing it.

2. Keep the Vent Clear

It’s also a good idea to clear out any exhaust fonts to remove build-up that could lead to a lint fire. The dryer manufacturer may have specific instructions for this process, but in general, the unit should be unplugged before any maintenance of this type begins. In most cases, the hose can be unhooked and any lint build-up removed. You may be able to use a vacuum to help with this process.

3. Inspect the Unit for Repair Needs

Keeping an eye on your dryer for any maintenance needs can also be considered a fire prevention steps as it will help you catch any problematic malfunctions or loose wiring before a fire hazard develops. If your dryer does need maintenance it’s a good idea to contact a professional for help. If a fire does occur a restoration service can help with cleanup and repairs to your home.

Remember, if you want to prevent a lint fire in your home it’s a good idea to keep moth the lint screen and any exhaust vents clean by removing built-up lint regularly. It’s also a good idea to inspect your dryer to ensure that it is in good, working condition. Contact a professional for help if the dryer needs repair or maintenance.

3 Things To Understand About Fire Damage

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Empty building damaged by fire and water Fire and water damage to a building in Thompson Station, TN

3 Things To Understand About Fire Damage

A firefighter douses a blaze with lots of water, saturating the roof, floor and walls on a building. While all of this is good efforts, the actions mean that fire damage isn't a business owner's only concern. Proprietors in Thompson Station, TN, must also place heavy focus on water remediation, working to dry out the establishment as much as possible. With this combined effort, the restoration can be completed and the doors can reopen to the public.

1. Why is Water Damage a Concern?
The excess moisture may not seem problematic, but it is. That humidity, if left alone, can act as a catalyst of mold spores, a natural environmental microbe. When these tiny organisms interact with water, darkness, and organic matter, they begin to spawn, reproducing in mass within one to two days. Quickly removing the fluid source could halt the event, protecting the premises.

2. How Did Fire Damage Harm the Building?
Aside from blacked walls and holes, the flames could have caused things you may not have thought about. Electrical wires may have been weakened, establishing a potentially new hazard. In addition, smoke has infiltrated the rooms and air unit, creating a need for a through content cleaning and odor removal service. A fire restoration company could inspect the location, assessing the need to replace, cleanup and sanitize.

3. What Will Crews Do During the Remediation Efforts?
First, the team will minimize the fire hose's saturation effect. They'll bring in industrial dehumidifiers to dry out the impacted areas. Then, they can turn to the walls and valuables, identifying what owners may keep and what may need to go. Over time, they'll attend to electronics, documentation, and images, using high-tech equipment to aid in saving what they can. Finally, everything is fixed, painted, and put back together.
Fire damage isn't an isolated situation. Understand that the water is also something to consider. Air out the affected rooms and then tend to the restoration efforts.

How Fire Insurance Can Help After a House Fire

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

Cabinets of a home covered with smoke Fire damage in a local home in Franklin, TN

A fire at your Franklin, TN, home can be a very stressful experience. Fortunately, renters insurance can help you through.

Fire Coverage

In general, your insurance policy will cover damage as long as the fire was not set intentionally. The following are some common causes of fire damage that are usually covered:

  • Candles
  • Cooking accidents
  • Electrical problems

Your insurance policy should cover damage to your personal belongings, such as furniture and electronics. Additionally, your policy may provide liability protection in the event that you accidentally start the fire and another person or his property is injured. Some policies will cover small medical expenses for third parties without the need for establishing liability. Most policies will also cover temporary relocation expenses so that you have the funds to afford a hotel room or other living arrangements while your home is being restored. Talk to your insurance agent to ensure that you have sufficient coverage and that you understand what is and is not covered by the policy.

Fire Restoration
Restoration of the structure itself will be covered by your landlord's insurance, but contents restoration will be covered by your renter's insurance policy. There are a variety of aspects of the fire restoration process. In addition to fire damage, your belongings may also incur water damage from the fire-extinguishing efforts. Removing soot helps prevent corrosion, and thoroughly drying water-soaked items prevents mold growth. Eliminating smoke odor helps make the space livable again. Finally, repairing or replacing damaged items gets the home move-in ready. Some items, like electronics and antiques, will require specialized restoration techniques, but other items may simply need a fresh coat of paint. A professional can help you determine what is and is not salvageable.
The restoration process can be overwhelming, but fortunately, renters insurance and a certified restoration company can help you get your home back to normal quickly and safely.

Our Fire Damage Technicians Can Restore Your Brentwood Home To Pre-Damage Condition

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

New Hobby Causes Fire Damage In Brentwood Home

Hobbies are relaxing, and a way to destress for many people and should never be at the center of fire damage destruction to a home. Sometimes, accidents happen and when they do, cleaning up the aftermath is a priority to prevent more issues such as foul odors.

A home in Brentwood suffered fire damage in a garage when a homeowner who had recently gotten into pyrography, also known as wood burning and accidentally left his pyrography pen plugged in overnight in the garage. He had some improperly stored cleaners too near his worktable, and the fumes ignited.

The fire severely damaged the garage, but the rest of the house was not directly affected by the flames. When the homeowner contacted SERVPRO, he was instructed to keep the door inside the home leading to the garage shut and traffic in and out of the area at a minimum until our technicians arrived a short time later to begin the cleanup.

When our technicians arrived on-site, the doorway to the home from the garage was blocked with heavy plastic to stop the passage of soot particles into the home. Charred building materials and items that were too much of a fire loss to restore through cleaning were removed from the premises.

SERVPRO technicians spend extra time on the removal of damaged contents and water removal. The more effort spent on the initial cleanup tends to lessen the drying time and odor removal from the affected areas. Once the items were separated into the what could be restored through cleaning and what needed to be removed the actual restoration work on the garage began.

Once the area was dried, cleaned and disinfected, our technicians implemented odor control techniques to ensure that there were residual smoke and soot odors left in the area. Air scrubbers are particularly good at capturing particulates that are smaller than the human eye can see but still cause significant odors. Our SERVPRO location handles rebuilding, and we were able to not only clean up the damage from the fire but also rebuild the garage fully restoring it to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Williamson County has emergency response teams available at (615) 790-9634 to come to your property 24/7 and make the fire damage to your home “Like it never even happened.”

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We Make It "Like It Never Ever Happened" In Brentwood After A Fire

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

We have the experience, expertise and equipment to restore your home to pre-damaged conditions. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Cleaning Up Fire Damage from Dryer in Brentwood Laundry Room

According to FEMA, home clothes dryers are the culprit behind nearly 3,000 home fires reported each year, causing $35 million in property loss due to fire damage from dryer fires. Failure to clean the appliance vent is the most common reason for these types of fires. 

When SERVPRO technicians handled the fire damage from a dryer in a Brentwood home, the laundry room had a large amount of charring and smoke damage. The techs proactively put up containment to stop the spread of soot in the house, along with running an air scrubber to capture any airborne odorous particulate.

Removal of Debris

Charred items contribute in large part to the odor in the room. The techs removed the burned hangers, items on shelves, and the dryer so they could begin removing the smoke damage from the room. As they remove each piece, they photograph and catalog the items requiring disposal to assist in expediting the insurance claim for the homeowner. Items with restoration potential receive cleaning either in another area of the home designated for this purpose or in the local facility. 

Cleaning the Smoke Residue

SERVPRO techs clean the smoke and fire damage from the walls with the hope it will not need repainting. In cases where the fire drove the soot into the paint, they can apply a sealant that eliminates odors and is ready for a primer, so when the room gets repainted, there are no lingering smoke odors. They have cleaners specifically for appliances to assist in the cleaning away of stains without harming the outer coating. 

Getting the Laundry Room Ready for Reuse

After cleaning the visible fire loss from the room, odor control is necessary as a part of the restoration to eliminate smoke odors, especially in a laundry room where clothing could potentially absorb those scents. The type of neutralization treatment depends on the level of odor in the area. 

When you have fire damage, dryer or any other cause, contact SERVPRO of Williamson County at (615) 790-9634 for cleanup of the loss and removal of odors left behind in the home, "Like it never even happened."

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Fire Debris Removal Helps Odor Control in Brentwood Homes

11/11/2019 (Permalink)

Brentwood we can help your fire damage, let us show you how we.

SERVPRO will help your Brentwood fire damage.

After a substantial structure fire, your Brentwood home can be contending with several layers of harsh effects, including noxious odors. Addressing these concerns often falls to the capable hands of our SERVPRO technicians, and this process begins as soon as our management begins scoping the damage in your household to determine the appropriate restoration equipment necessary to make the fire loss “Like it never even happened.”

Fire cleanup and odor damage in Brentwood properties is a vital element of mitigation, as the faster our technicians can address these concerns, the less costly and destructive fire losses can be for your property. Debris removal falls both on the shoulders of our Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) and our team of general contractors that are under the tutelage of our experienced owner, Tim Wesley. Through controlled demolition practices and efficient removal of ruined contents, we can begin to cut into the harsh lingering odors present after a fire loss incident.

Our SERVPRO team must often combat both the overwhelming scents that everyone can identify and those that get linked to a heightened awareness of the situation. While general smoke odors exist in the most damaged areas of the property, residents can also become more attuned to specific smells based on their hyper-awareness of the traumatic circumstances. We have the products and equipment to manage both of these situations.

In most scenarios, the removal of charred construction materials and contents can noticeably reduce the strength of smoke odors, but that does not entirely solve the problem. We have multiple devices that can work to neutralize odor compounds that remain circulating through the environment in your home. Thermal and UV foggers are a standard mobile unit for this purpose, and they get used by heating a concentrated deodorization solution into a vapor fog that can neutralize odor molecules on contact.

Removing fire debris and addressing lingering odors are vital to getting a home back to preloss condition. Let our SERVPRO of Williamson County help you through the phases of recovery and restoration by calling (615) 790-9634.

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Danielle Says that SERVPRO Saved Her Fire-Damaged Home in Thompson Station with Fast Service--"Like it never even happened,"

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

Danielle Learned the Hard Way after Fire Damaged Her Thompson's Station Home--Be Careful with Candles!

Let the Experts Handle the Damage After a Thompson Station Fire Disaster

It is essential to plan to protect your home from a potential fire at all times. Throughout the fall and winter, Thompson Station homes are susceptible to fire disasters due to holiday decorations, candles, failed chimneys, and more.

SERVPRO wants you to know its best to put out decorations following all instructions provided. Any outdoor décor should only be used outside to help you protect your home in Thompson Station from fire damage. Only using decorations designated for indoor use on the interior of your home helps to eliminate potential hazards. Always follow the manufacturer's directions.

Electric Decor
If you use indoor decorations that require electricity and they get damp or wet, it can lead to a fire and injury to people and pets living in your home. Because electricity powers many decorations within the house, it is vital to be proactive. Always inspect your decorations before each use. When storing your mechanical decorations, put them in plastic totes or bags to keep dust from building up inside the motor housing.

Candle Décor
During the fall and winter, many people use candles as part of their regular décor. Know that all candles pose a potential fire hazard, so SERVPRO recommends that candles never be left unattended. Additionally, all candles must be kept clear of pets and children as well as flammable materials. Always place candles in holders that prevent dripping of hot wax from spilling over.

What to do?
If your home is stricken with fire damage, SERVPRO can come to the rescue to remedy the situation. There can be excessive soot and odors left behind within the home. We can send trained technicians out to your property to assess your needs and put a plan of action in place for fire and smoke restoration. Our trained team employs professional-grade cleaning agents that breakdown smoke residue and have multi-surface scrubbing agents to eliminate residual odors.

Even the slightest bit of fire damage calls for immediate response. If something goes wrong and you are left dealing with smoke and soot from a fire, call SERVPRO of Williamson County as soon as possible at (605) 790-9634. We can send friendly, highly-trained technicians to get started.

Our Fire Damage Experts Will Save Your Brentwood Home

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

We have the means to deal with any damage “Like it never even happened.”

Reasons Why Restoring Fire Damage In Your Brentwood Home Can Take Long

A small fire incident such as stove flare-up that is controlled in time might seem easy to handle. However, restoring your property to its preloss state after such an incident might take longer than you expect. Working with a team of experienced fire damage restoration team helps because the knowledge accumulated through training and experience helps them expedite the process.

Smoke movements
The amount of smoke produced during an incident of fire damage in your Brentwood home can lengthen the restoration period. Smoke generally moves through convection currents whereby warmer air displaces cold air. Barriers such as doors and windows also rarely block smoke, so it can easily reach every corner of your home. Such widespread movement leaves soot and smoky odor all over the property necessitating thorough cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians anticipate these problems so we can handle them.

Impinged Deposits
Ordinarily, soot and other smoke residues are deposited on surfaces where it is easy to clean them off. However, in some fires, the residues might impinge on a surface. Such outcomes are typical in scorching fires. Every 10°F increase in temperature doubles air pressure driving smoke at a higher pressure against surfaces. Hotter temperatures also open up pores in materials driving residues further into the material. Our SERVPRO technicians use several approaches to deal with such residues including:

    •    Manual and automated agitation
    •    Chemical action from professional cleaning agents
    •    Controlling the dwell time
    •    Heating the cleaning agent to an appropriate level

Stubborn Odor
After removing debris from the property and cleaning residues from surfaces, you might expect the smoky odor to disappear immediately. However, in some cases it the strong odor might linger which necessitates further steps. Odor particles can penetrate deep into materials where regular cleaning cannot reach them. Our SERVPRO technicians use specialized deodorization techniques such as fogging, which drive a deodorizing agent deep into materials neutralizing odor particles. We also have advanced equipment such as ozone generators to control odor.

Restoring your home to the preloss state after a fire is a matter of priority. Call SERVPRO of Williamson County at (615) 790-9634 to help. We have the means to deal with any damage “Like it never even happened.”

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Brentwood Property Owners Are Well Served after a House Fire by Contacting SERVPRO for a Comprehensive Restoration

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Brentwood Home after a House Fire, "Like it never even happened."

Addressing Secondary Effects of Fire Loss in Brentwood Homes

With multiple levels of consequences that can threaten your Brentwood home after a fire, it can be a challenge for homeowners to understand the extent of the damage entirely. As many would suspect, the best choice in this situation is to reach out to qualified professional restorers like our team to assess this damage and the best approaches to restoring it. While structural concerns are often the most pressing to get addressed for property owners, there are many other levels of damage that our professionals can overcome as well.

Secondary effects can often be as destructive for your Brentwood home as the immediate fire damage. With fire extinguishing efforts intended to suppress the spread of the disaster, water damage and destruction of structural elements often occur. Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive training and experience with fire recovery, as our team dispatched to your address are Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified.

Dealing with water damage found after a fire loss incident is crucial because it does not take more than a couple of days with saturated materials and excessive moisture to facilitate mold growth and fungal colonization. To do this, our SERVPRO team arrives with the necessary mitigation equipment to address saturation and dampness throughout the property. Often this process begins with extraction as water can pool in areas where the fire was the densest.

Firefighters often must create openings in the property to better access the most destructive areas of the disaster as it sweeps through your house. These are also points where further damage can originate, as these openings can allow exposure to the elements. We have a full-service contracting team that can not only temporarily repair these openings with plywood and tarping, but they can also entirely reconstruct these damaged areas when mitigation work completes in the house.  For a full-service fire and water damage restoration, you can rely on SERVPRO.

Secondary effects can often be more damaging to your property than a fire is, but taking care of these concerns is part of the comprehensive restoration process you can expect from our SERVPRO of Williamson County team. Just call (615) 790-9634.

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Revealed: Team SERVPRO can Handle BOTH Small and Large Scale Fire Damage in Your Nolensville Home

1/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fires in the kitchen can quickly escalate. Stay vigilant when cooking and contact SERVPRO should your home face fire damage.

Eliminating Fire Damage from a Kitchen Fire in Nolensville

Kitchen fires are one of the most common and devastating reasons for fire damage in a home. The reason is the kitchen is where electricity, heat, water and oil or grease are in the same area and they can all be volatile. The fire itself gives off damaging heat, smoke and soot and then after the fact, the water used to put out the fire can be the cause of mold and residual odors. All of these factors need to be cleaned and removed from the home so life can return to normal.

Our technicians are available 24/7 and as soon as you call SERVPRO to your home, we immediately access the fire damage in Nolensville and go over the best course of action to restore your home to the same condition as it was pre-kitchen mishap. If the damage is compromising roofing or walls, our team will board up or lay tarp to stop further damage from the elements if needed.

SERVPRO technicians get to work quickly removing any water left from the fire. Standing water can be quickly eliminated by portable vacuums, for large-scale water removal, we have industrial truck-mounted vacuums to expedite the removal. Powerful air movers assist in quickly drying the affected areas in your home. Our techs do not rely on sight or touch to determine if an area is dry, we use state-of-the-art moisture detectors to ensure the area is completely dry so the next step in the fire damage restoration can begin.

The smoke and soot residue that is on nearly everything in the vicinity of the fire is a visual and olfactory reminder of the kitchen blaze. Our technicians are certified in the detailed removal of both the residue and odors through hand cleaning or the use of equipment such as fogging machines that completely penetrate and eliminate odors from the fire.

The final step of returning your home to its condition before the fire damage occurred is the final restoration work. SERVPRO handles the repairs from minor such as replacing damaged drywall to major restorations such as the reconstruction of a damaged room.

Don't wait to begin cleanup after a kitchen fire in your Nolensville home, our team is available to assist you 24/7. Contact SERVPRO of Williamson County at (615) 790-9634 and our expert technicians can immediately begin the process of turning back the clock on your fire damage.

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How Our Fire Damage Specialists Get Rid Of Foul Odors In Your Brentwood Home

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Williamson County can help to restore your home to the way it was before a fire.

Different Chemicals SERVPRO Uses To Eliminate Odors From Fire Damage To Brentwood Homes

Fire damage in Brentwood can often create large volumes of thick smoke that leave permanent damages and odors in your home. The approach SERVPRO technicians need to take towards reversal of damage and removal of odors can vary dramatically depending on the material burned and the presence or lack of moisture and certain chemical compounds in it. Here are several techniques our technicians employ on a day-to-day basis to keep your home free of smoke odors after a fire.

Pairing Agents
Some of the most critical tools we have at our disposal to take on fire damage in Brentwood homes and businesses are our specially-designed pairing agents. These agents are chemical compounds that bond with odor-producing molecules in the smoke residues found throughout your home, eliminating the odors at the source. While these agents cannot typically eliminate odors on their own, they act as a highly effective counterpart to the next weapon in our arsenal.

Masking Agents
While pairing agents are chemically engineered to target specific types of odor molecules and neutralize them, masking agents are more generally applicable chemical compounds that mask and cover odor molecules. Without a pairing agent, masking agents are often ineffective, but with our industry-leading chemical combinations, our deodorizing treatments remain both effective and low-cost.

Absorption and Adsorption Agents
Sometimes, smoke odors may require a slightly different approach to scrub out of your home. For these situations, we can use absorption and adsorption agents, which are as similar in function as they are in their names. Chemicals that absorb odor molecules pick them up and contain them while adsorbing chemicals encourage odor molecules to bond to their surfaces. In both cases, these agents help to remove smells from the air and leave your home with a neutral scent.

SERVPRO of Williamson County can help to restore your home to the way it was before a fire. Call us at (615) 790-9634 to find out more.

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How Our Team At SERVPRO Will Restore Your Fire Damaged Home In Nolensville

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Williamson County has the equipment and the trained technicians to complete a fire damage cleanup thoroughly and professionally.

What To Expect From Professional Fire Damage Cleanup In Nolensville

When your Nolensville home suffers the effects of a fire, the cleanup follows a research-driven, proven professional protocol when an experienced restoration company takes on the project. Checking the boxes according to best industry practices developed by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) gives you the best possible outcome and is the approach we use with every fire damage remediation.

Ironically the first job on the list for Nolensville fire damage cleanup is water removal and structural drying. Firefighters work hard to save your property from the destructive flames with unlimited quantities of water. Safety considerations, as well as the considerable risk of permanent structural and property damage from the water itself, demand a primary focus on water remediation.

SERVPRO technicians hold multiple certifications from the IICRC across water, fire, and microbial restoration skill areas. This multi-pronged approach streamlines the project, with soot and smoke cleanup proceeding immediately after the water evacuation. Our crews begin soot cleanup, matching tools and products to the types of residues and soiling involved.

Ashy, loose soot removes with dry sponges and HEPA filtered vacuuming. Paper and wood fuel fires commonly leave this type of soiling. Electrical and other smoldering fires involving fabrics deposit thicker, stickier soot requiring abrasive cleaning tools and products with wetting agents and surfactants that help break down the coating. Protein-based fires in the kitchen deposit a thin but tough film that might need solvents to loosen. SERVPRO technicians are familiar with the evaluation of the residues left by the combustion of a wide range of materials.

SERVPRO crews are expert at odor removal, often needed after fire cleanup. A cleaned home that still holds smoky smells is unacceptable. The odors make it very difficult to move past the fire damage. Our technicians try different techniques to rid the space of malodors, including the use of thermal foggers or hydroxyl generators to neutralize through chemical reactions the tiny odiferous particles airborne or settled on surfaces after the blaze.

SERVPRO of Williamson County has the equipment and the trained technicians to complete a fire damage cleanup thoroughly and professionally. Call (615) 790-9634 to set up an evaluation and get the process moving.

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Grill Safety for Your Summer Parties

6/29/2018 (Permalink)

When your grill fire gets out of control

With the summer upon us, here at SERVPRO of Williamson County know that you will be enjoying these beautiful days gathered outside with loved ones while you are cooking dinner on the grill.

Here are just a few quick tips on grill safety to make sure you stay safe, while still having fun:

  • Establish a four-foot “kid free” zone around the grill
  • Never add flammable liquids to the fire
  • Always put ashes in a metal can stored at least 10 feet from your home or structure
  • Never leave your grill unattended

If for any reason the fire on your grill gets out of control and you do have fire damage, SERVPRO of Williamson County is always ready to serve you. We have a team of professionals that will go to great links to do your fire cleanup.